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employee monitoring softwareSpy Employee Monitor
Emloyee Internet Monitoring and Management Software in LAN:
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Why to Monitor Employee Internet Usage?

With the internet popularization in global, you hardly found a company which is not access to the internet today. The employees of company use internet to get more business intelligence, communicate with their business friends, deal with company order and others. Even some employees contact with internet in whole workdays. So some private internet usage need happened in company. In the nature of things,these individual internet usage actions are conflicted with company interest. In this case, employee internet usage monitoring becomes necessary and important.

The Actural Status of Employee Internet Monitoring Nowadays

The survey from American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute shows:
more than 60% employers take web monitoring for their employee in order to prevent some inappropriate web visiting;
65% employers use monitoring software to block or filter inappropriate web sites;
About 50% employers spy keystrokes, and 43% companies take email monitoring for employees;
And the data above is increasing year after year. So employee internet monitoring turns into a trend in more and more companies nowadays.

How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage Perfect?

Employee internet monitoring software – Spy Employee Monitor takes comprehensive monitoring and management for employee internet usage, such as web monitoring, email monitoring, IM online chatting monitoring. This employee internet usage monitoring program tells you what your employees are doing in real time through remote multiple screens monitoring from a single computer screen. You can monitor the employees through checking and displaying keystrokes logging, screenshot logging and web histories in your absence. Of course, the employer or the administrator can control and manage the employee internet usage and online behavior, or other computer activity with web filtering, process forbidden, remote controlling of this employee monitor.

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