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LAN Monitoring Software
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Spy Employee Monitor - employee monitoring software, remotely monitor employee PC screen and other activity in LAN

Spy Employee Monitor is LAN employee monitoring software which captures the screens of employee's computers real time by matrix screen in LAN from a single administrator's PC. This LAN monitoring software logs the employee's keystrokes, web sites, transfer rate real time, filter the websites, remote control and manage employee's files, send message, forbid USB storage device usage and etc.

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Maybe your employee always chats via IM at their work time, visits in internet and browse the websites which is irrelevant to their work, plays games with computer internet resource. With this employee monitoring software, you can control the employee's computer remotely as easily as control of your own. This LAN monitoring program is a perfect solution to employee screen monitoring, internet monitoring, IM chat monitoring, email monitoring and other PC activity monitoring. This LAN employee monitoring software keeps your employees from being idle. Under this employee internet monitor, employees will not continue their endless chats, playing games or surfing the web at their work time. This real spy monitor help to improve the working efficiency, reduce company internet resource waste and protect company confidential business information and promote trade competitive.

Spy Employee Monitor Key Features:

Screen Monitoring

Capture the screen of employee's computer in real time by matrix screen as a surveillance camera; this LAN employee monitor can monitor multiple screens in LAN at the same time. You can monitor remotely the employee internet activity such as browsing, IM chat, games etc, email send or received and other computer activities.
Keystrokes Monitoring

Log all keystrokes including the visiting web, email, IM chat, document file and other keys typed. So this spy monitor achieves employee internet monitoring, email monitoring and other activities monitoring through the recorded keystrokes.
View History

All logs histories including keystrokes, screenshots, web visiting and network flow history will be saved automatically or manually if you want. They can be reviewed at any time if you need.

Filter Websites

Filter the websites which is irrelevant to employee's work, or only allow the employee browse the special websites.

Forbid Functions

Forbid the special activity including forbid IE download, forbid USB storage device usage and forbid some special program application.

Remote Control and Management

Remote file management and transfer like upload, download, rename, delete etc.
Remote employee control, remote access, remote administration;
Terminate the program which is running on the employee's computer;
Send message or command to employee's computer remotely;

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