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How to Monitor Employee PC Activity and Control Employee Internet Usage- Employee Surveillance Software

employee surveillance monitorSpy Employee Monitor
Employee surveillance software to track and record employee PC activity, control employee internet usage.

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Would you like to know what your employee do on their computer at the work time? Employee surveillance software monitors and records all employee PC activity and internet usage from a single computer in LAN.

How to Monitor and Track Employee PC Activity?

With this employee surveillance tool, you can monitor and record these PC activity or internet usages: all the employee’s keystroke typed, email usage activity, instant messenger and online chatting, website visiting, application launched and etc. all of these tracking work is completed on the manager’s computer, it is very hidden to your employee and hardly to be detected. So it is a hidden Keylogger, a remote screen recorder and also it is a strong employee computer monitoring program.

How to Control and Manage Employee Internet Usage?

Except for these strong surveillance specialties, Spy Employee Monitor is a dutiful employee internet control and manage tool for employee internet usage. From a single PC screen, you can view clearly every employee’s screen and know what they are doing. If an employee is browsing or launching the pointless websites or process to his work, you can end this site remotely or forbid them to avoid the next things. Remote file manage, remote text send and more are possible on this employee surveillance tool.

In fact, monitoring employee PC activity and control employee Internet usage with employee surveillance software is to be benefit of guaranteeing business information safe and identifying the unfaithful employees. Even more important, it can improve employee work efficiency and company benefits.

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