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Hidden Facebook Surveillance, Facebook Monitoring Software

hidden Facebook surveillance

Facebook Spy Monitor, invisible Facebook Surveillance and monitoring tool for recording all Facebook activities of PC user;

Facebook spy software secretly records all Facebook activities of PC user, such as the private profile update, making new friends, IM chatting, email, image or photo sharing, web search and related website, video and music, and any other activity. It is designed to perfect hidden Facebook Surveillance to monitor some undesirable Facebook activity of the cheating spouse, children, lover, employee or related person when you are absence or inconvenient.
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Why Facebook Activity Should be Monitored and How to Monitor?

Facebook,as the most popular social network service and website online, has more than billion active user since 2004 line-on. What lead to this? The answer is simple: Facebook is a great idea and community in contacting with other people over the world. Facebook users can make new friends and do anything what they can do, while most of these new friends are absolute unknown between them before, whom and what is he or she, where come from, anything is blank! When the people met and make some community on Facebook, some cheating and swindle, scheme even crime or murder about is brewing! All of them against to the individual especial to the kids, ignorant youngs or other disadvantaged persons, and which lead to this is just little text content, a shared photos or video disclosed to some ulterior, spiteful or vindictive person.
So how to keep your children, lover, spouse away from these traps or crimes on Facebook? Monitoring their facebook activity is imperative. And Facebook Spy Monitor is a perfect solution to this problem. With this Facebook Surveillance, you can record the keystrokes, the email send and received, the video or voice chatting messenger, and know their profiles, friends list, used apps, photos, and who they are chatting, what website they searched and visited online, what they doing and much more. All of this monitoring is completed in the background with very stealth mode, so it is hardly detective by the Facebook users.
facebook monitoring software

Facebook Spy Monitor Key Features

Capture Screenshot and Record Facebook actions: record all Facebook activities of the PC user, include user’s private profiles and friends list, keystrokes of new posted, email and chat&IM, shared music, photos and videos, active apps, visited websites or internet search online and other facebook social events by taking the screen snapshot of the user’s Facebook;

Auto Save Screenshot and Slide Show: all captured screenshot will be saved as JPG images automatically and the images quality can be set flexible for best replay; Slide Show make the screenshot images more lifelike visual effects. You just overview all images from the main control panel of this program and delete some superfluous and repetitive images to start the slide show, which is just like you are watching the Facebook user what doing on a VCR;

Intelligent Task Schedule: free set starting and ending time for the monitoring task to automatically start and stop the spy works;

Hidden Monitor Mode and Hotkey Password Protection: run with absolutely stealthy mode in the background, no tracking or icons in the windows task list and hotkey and password protection. So this Facebook Surveillance is very hidden and undetectable by the monitored user and others;

Easy-to-use Interface: this hidden Facebook monitoring software is designed to graphical program interface with Wizard about the installation and usage. So it is very simple to launch and operate for all users, even for a beginner;


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