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Hidden Voice Recorder, Secret Audio Recorder Software

hidden sound recorderSpy Sound Recorder
Hidden audio recorder program aims to online voice chatting, Internet calling and chatroom of Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, QQ, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ,etc.
Free download Stealth Sound Recorder

Skype video callings/voice chat, Yahoo! Messenger voice chat, Window Live Messenger(MSN), QQ voice chat, all of them are the popular online communication tool of internet, and more and more be favored by the people by right of more intuitive and convenient than text IM communication, especially for the youth. In view of this situation and integrate with practical need, a Hidden Voice Recorder Software is designed. Whatever business communication of works, private chatting in daily life and honey-sweet words of lovers, Secret Voice Recorder software will record all of them stealthy. Just download this hidden audio recorder, you can secretly snoop what your employees, spouse, lover, friend or children are talking about.

What can Secret Voice Snooper Record? How to Record the Sound Stealthy?

All-Round Voice Recording

IM voice chat, VOIP, web phone and online chatting recording;

Streaming audio from internet recording;
Music played by Windows Media Player, Winamp recording;

Surrounding sound from peripheral equipment;

Perfectly Secret Recording Mode for Spy

Stealth recording in the background;

Hidden setting of installation path, file, recording history;

Hidden setting in Add/Remove Programs, Start Menu, no icons;

Predesigned password protection and hotkey setting;



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