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How to Spy Employee Rightly — Spy Employee Monitor Software

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IKEA, Swedish furniture giant, fell into the spying scandal a few days ago because four company managing officers of their French subsidiary were accused of spying their staff and customers with some illegal and underhand trick.
How did the company managers spy their employee and customers? The former managers of IKEA in French paid for illegal access to secret police files to spy their employee or customer’s privacy. This spying scandal not only makes seriously and negatively affects for IKEA, but also take some query and perplexity about the spying/monitoring for company employer, employee even for government.

Spying or Monitoring Employee Is Right? Or Illegal?

This is a controversial issue. There are no definite legal provisions about spying, so we can not say spying or monitoring is legally or illegally arbitrarily. In many company over the world, the employee or company manager spy their employees with all kinds of spying ways, such as spy software or spy electronic equipment. At the same time, many employee or trade union organizations always appeal and resist the employee to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
Refer to the spying scandal of IKEA, this behavior of the four former managers officers of French IKEA is illegal and infuriating obviously. They invaded the stuff and customer's privacy and human right, damaged their interest through some underhand tricks. And the Channelnersasia.com said 'practices against values and ethical standards that have unfortunately been noted within IKEA France'. And they were sacked by IKEA at last.

How to Spy Employee Rightly?

Employee spy employees at the right time, right place and using right method is legally and also don't go back to moral. Employee spy his stuff at the workplace during the working time, it is allowed and reasonable. The employee has the right to know what do his employees and if they are employable to their work.
Spy Employee Monitor is just the software which spy the employees all computer behavior and internet activities with the screen monitoring remotely. It displays every computer activity of the employee, including the email, the IM chatting, the web surfing, the keystrokes and other activities exactly. With this employee spy monitor, all computer activities of employees will be under the eyes of the employer and it will improve the employee's working efficiency, strengthen the company management, economize internet resource and protect company confidential business information and promote trade competitive.

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