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Stealth Keyboard Recorder, Screen Recorder Software

keystrokes recording programSpy PC Keylogger
Stealth Keyboard Recorder program, record all keystroke logs and PC screen activities.
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Keyboard Recorder, stealth keytroke recorder software, is intended to record the keystroke logs and track the PC activities of the computer users with hidden work mode. Recording keyboard typing, tracking PC activities and Email delivery of recording logs, as the main three features of this keyboard recoder, make this recording progarm become to a sharp blade of the computer activity tracking or internet monitoring!

How to Record Mouse Keyboard and PC Activity Stealthy with Keyboard Recorder Software?

Keystroke Recorder

Keystroke recording  log all key strokes typing with all popular languages over the world, such as Chinese, Japanese, not just English;

Password recording log username and password of executed progarm, online game and all other applications; this keyboard recorder is not a spyware, so it doesn’t support to record any bank credit or related infromation;

Clipboard recording  due to safety considerations, many user copy and paste the logon information instead of keyboard typing manually. Most users copy and paste logins and passwords instead of typing them manually. This strong keystroke recording software will recode all text content of the clipboard as well;

PC Screen Activity Recorder

Capture screenshots of desktop  stealthy record whole desktop or active application screen activity to know exactly what the user of PC is doing, just as an invisible surveillance camera;

Track instant messenger chatting  record the text input of running messenger chatting and take the chatting screenshot to monitor the chatting objects, contect, exact time and date and other action showed in hte chatting screenshots;

Monitor internet activities  all internet history including the visited website URL,browsed time and frequency, website contects and logon infromation will be recoded with text or screenshot form;

Record applications launches  email sent and received, document prinded, special program launched, USB devices usages and other applocation running are recorded. It will ensure to know what happend on the monitored computer at any time;

Keyboard Recorder Software has so strong recoding feautures for meeting your comprehensive monitoirng demands. what ever to monitor your cheating spouse, track your employee what done at the worktime, or to protect your kids from dangerous online behaviors, this keystrokes recording program will perfectly take these very stealthy and undetected for you!


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