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Spy PC Keylogger

Spy PC Keylogger – invisible keylogger logging keystrokes and recording screenshots

Spy PC Keylogger is perfect pc spy software. This invisible keylogger software logs all keystrokes and captures computer desktop screenshots. It is the best choice of home or office computer monitoring. This spy software allows you to secretly monitor PC user's all activities in absolutely stealth mode. You can know clearly the user's all Web browses, windows open or closed, document edit/transfer/modify/printed, every key pressed including username&password of all kinds of programs, application executed, Instant Messenger conversations, email send/received and so on. This PC spy keylogger supports remote monitoring through logs report delivery with email. So you also can know exactly what happened on the local computer installed this PC spy program even you are not near to the computer. This invisible keylogger is completely stealthy to computer users - No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, no icons, and no shortcuts or other items. It spaces very few system resources and no cause slowdowns of your computer. So full-featured, easy to use and reasonable priced, this stealth keylogger is truly spy expert for suspicious kids, cheating spouse, ill-disposed or sluggish employees.AntiVirus SetUp

Spy PC Keylogger Function 1:  Log Keystrokes

Log username&password of all kinds of programs;
Log all keys pressed of Instant Messenger conversions including all latest versions Windows Live Messenger/Skype/MSN Messenger/ICQ/AOLMessenger/AIM/QQ/Yahoo! Messenger's chat conversations. You will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will know who he /she talking is to;
Log all the text content of email send;

Log document file content edit or modified and other input with keyboard;

Spy PC Keylogger Function 2:  Capture Screenshots - Automatically capture screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals

Capture all IM conversion activities;
Capture all web browsed, windows open or closed, application executed;
Capture email send/received, document file printed/transfer;
Capture USB storage device usage;

Spy PC Keylogger Function 3: Logs Report Delivery via Email

This invisible Keylogger automatically delivers the logs including the screenshots captured and keystrokes typed via specified email at set interval. You can monitor the PC user remotely no need being on machine.

Spy PC Keylogger Function 4: Work with Absolutely Stealth Mode

The program installation path is invisible;
The screenshots and keystrokes logged are saved in hidden;
Auto run with Windows startup and hotkeys setup;
No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, no icons, and no shortcuts or other items;
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