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Hidden Skype Spy Monitor, Skype Recording Software

Skype tracking software

Skype Spy Monitor, stealth Skype monitoring tool for recording text chats& video chats and other Skype activity of PC user;

Skype Spy Monitor, a hidden Skype recording and monitoring software, apply to record all incoming and outgoing chatting information including the text chats and video chats with exactly stealth mode. ( Recording Skype video calls or voice chats, please click here)

This monitor is an intelligent Skype keystrokes logger which records the exact instant messages, Skype login name, email send, timestamps of their chats, and it can record the web page browsing, email receiving, video chats and other online Skype Activities by capturing the screenshots of active Skype. All recording history logs will be saved for arbitrary time ever permanently according to the actual need. So it is a perfect solution to spy the unprotected kids or cheating spouse and lover, monitor the idleness employees, or track some cheaters or crimes.

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Key Features of Skype Spy Monitor

Record Skype Text Chats & Video Chats: this hidden recorder logs all text chats as a keystrokes logger and logs all video chats by taking the screenshot of Skype online activities as an invisible camera;

Save the Logs on local PC or Send Reports Remotely: if you choose to save Skype history logs on local computer, you can view these at your convenience; or it is not convenience on the local PC, you can choose to send these logs to a pre-set email address to view remotely;

Intelligent Task Schedule: if there is no need to Auto Start with Windows Startup, you can free set the starting and ending time for the monitoring task, so this hidden Skype Spy Monitor is very intelligent and flexible;

Work in Hidden Mode and Protection with Hotkey and Password: exactly invisible and secretly run under the Windows, no tracking or icons in the windows task list and hotkey and password protection;

skype tracking monitor

Why to Monitor Skype Text & Video Chats and Other Skype Activity?

Skype, with over 650 million register user, is the most popular Network voice communication service in the world. Beyond so fast expansion, Skype has so interesting and fascinating application, such as video conferencing, SMS, voice calling, instant messenger, contact list, integration with MySpace/ Facebook, most importantly, Skype integrate the voice and IM into one application, which is change the old communicate and more convenience to contact between people. So whoever the ignorant kids, faineant housewife, or working employees, they can talk when they want and type when they want, or switch between this two according to their need. Anything maybe happen when they chat, your kids may fall into some intrigue while no conscious, your lover may began another love story but you are know nothing about this, or your employee may take their private talk at their work time, all of these, you should take the action. So monitoring their text chat or video chats and tracking their all Skype activity is the effective solution. Hidden Skype Spy Monitor secretly record all Skype online behavior, anything is in your watching!

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