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Spy Sound Recorder Usage Manual

Main Window of Spy Sound Recorder

Start: Click this button to record the sound manually; and if the Skype and Yahoo Messenger voice start on this computer, this recording program will work automatically;
Stop: Click this button to stop your recording task;
View Logs:All recorded files saved in your local computer as your setting with MP3 audio files. Just click this button to view these sound files.

Setting Windows of Spy Sound Recorder

AutoRun with Windows

This recording program works with very flexible style. You can make it work in visible mode or invisible mode, auto run with windows or not very easily.

Off: The software does not start automatically with windows.
On-Visible mode: The software will automatically run after computer boots; the main window will display on your desktop, and display a small software icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
On-Invisible mode: The software will automatically start after computer boots; but the main window will not display at startup. You can see the software on the screen only by pressing the hotkey.

Recording Mode

Manual mode: This recording mode need you click the Start button to work, so it is not suitable for the invisible mode.
Record with Program Startup: Tick this option to record sound automatically with this program working. With this, you need to set appropriate time to save the recording logs.
Save the voice only when any volume exceeds designated value: This option means Spy Sound Recorder will auto save the logs files when this program recording the voice which is enough high to reach or exceed the designated value. Otherwise, this program will save all logs files including some sounds which is so low or even no sound around. For example, if we set 20% in the back and the front shows to save files every one minutes, all sounds which recorded volume exceeding 20% and last to one minutes will be saved as a file(the color bar on top of the main screen displays the current volume of sound recorded by the microphone).
Record with Following Programs Take Voice/Video Call: Tick this option to recording some special recording task such as the Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk or other voice. Here you need to set the process name of the program as separated by commas. With this, any named voice or video call will tragger the recording.

Other Setting

Record Input Voice ( from Microphone ): Means record the voice from microphone only.
Record Output Voice ( from Computer ): Meams record the voice from the computer only.
Record both In and Out Voice: Spy Sound Recorder will record both sounds input by the microphone and output from the computer after you tick this option. This means the program not only record the voice of one side, but also record the voice from other side when th conversation is talking.This option is only available in Vista,Win7, Win8 or later versions. In the old operating system, if you need to record voices from both sides, you can set by right clicking the volume icon in the operating system; please click here to read more details.

Save in Different Channel: Means it will save the voices input from the microphone and output from the computer as two different channel to distinguish each other. So if you recorded voice chats, you can distinguish the voice from different speaker easily. When you tick the option of Record both In and Out Voice, you should select this.
Save Path: Set the save path of the recording mp3 files.

Seperated by Month / Seperated by Day: Save the MP3 files seperated by Month or by day for the convenience of your seek later.
Sample rate / Bitrate: The larger values of the rate/bitrate you set, the clearly the sound is; aslo it will occupy the larger space.

Hotkey: When this program is work with invisible mode, you can Use hotkeys to show the Spy Sound Recorder.
Password Protection: Set Password Protection to make this recording program more safer. this program asked to input the correct passwork to access.

Register Window of Spy Sound Recorder

Try: Click this button to access and use this trial version of the progrm, which is a unregistered and limited function version.
Buy: Click this to access our purchase page to order it very easy and fast. https://shopper.mycommerce.com/checkout/product/18084-10 when you fill your order, please enter your Machine Code which show in this window very clearly.
Unlock: After you order it, your Registration Code will sent to you with your other purchase information in your order email; If you didn't enter your machine code, there is not registration code found in your email, and you should contact us as soon as possible; Correct machine code must come from the machine which will use the recording program; and if the machine code you enter is not correct, it can't activate this progrm.

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